•  Bulk material handling manufacturers


Scorpio’s Bulk solids material handling are used to haul a major amount of dry bulk material across large distances from supplier to user for industries such as Food, Minerals, Cement, Chemicals, Petrochemicals etc. Bulk material handling is simply picking up, moving and lying down of material through manufacture. Proper logistics can lead to low inventories. Silos at user plant can be filled in a few hours (Bulk Truck capacities range from 4 to 30 tonnes depending on material characteristics like bulk density, particle size distribution, air retention / permeability etc.)

The major advantages of dry bulk solid material handling transportation in tankers are:

  • Dust free and loss free handling
  • Elimination of bags and bag handling
  • Automatic unloading to silos using pressurized air
  • One man can load and unload up to 100 TPH of most materials.

Specifications of Bulk material handling manufacturers

  • Capacity: 10 & 16m3 gross volume.
  • Discharge type: Conical discharge / Aerated bottom discharge
  • Application: Fine Powders / Pellets / PVC Resin etc.
  • Conveying type: Compressed Air/ Roots Blowers
  • Conveying distance: Preferably less than 30 mtr.
  • Safety Valve: Provided
  • MOC: MS construction / SS304 contact parts
  • Discharge Capacity: 5 -15 TPH (Pl contact us for specific application)
  • Paint: Synthetic enamel paint - 100 DFT. (Optional: Epoxy paint)