• Flat Storage Systems


Scorpio BMH offers low cost value engineered Flat Storage Systems for cement for capacities from 1000 MT to 50000 MT. Two types of systems are offered, one with a conventional reclaim system using pay-loaders and the other being an automatic discharge system with a fluidized floor which eliminates the need for any human entry into the Flat Storage area during the reclaim process.

The structure of the Flat Storage building comprises of rigid frame portals covered by light weight, weatherproof coated metal sheets. Level switches, automatic filters are provided to control the height of the cement heaps inside the building and to discharge clean air to the atmosphere.

All moving parts like diverters are placed outside the building for easy accessibility and maintenance. Any number of dropping points can be engineered and supported from the rigid frame portals. The concrete floor is designed to take the loads of the heaps and does not require any steel reinforcement.

In the automatic reclaim option, the floor of the Flat Storage is made of sections having a porous membrane through which air is passed from below. Each section has a central collection point into which the cement flows towards the end of heap depletion. Suction pipes are installed above each pit of each section and the cement is sucked out from each section through a gallery of such pipes within the building. The suction pipes join a common discharge pipe manifold which takes the cement to an adjoining storage silo below which packing can take place both in jumbo bags, small bags in addition to bulk tanker out loads. The fluidized floor is sloped to enable the cement to flow into the central pits from where the vertical pipes suck out the material to the silo.

The systems are value engineered and are very cost effective especially considering the cost structure in India.