• Container Filling Machine



For the purpose of economically transfer of dry bulk powdered materials from the supplier to various users, the container trucks or 20 feet standard containers are used.

For Export and import of bulk Raw material, 20 feet standard containers can be used but for shorter distances considering the better workability of return logistics the integral container body trucks are recommended.

Types of loading.

The liner is laid inside the container which will be having filling, discharge and vent ports. Some liners are specially designed for specific application.

There are mechanical or Pneumatic filling systems available. Based on the material being filled, Scorpio will recommend the best suitable system. In mechanical loading, a loading screw/ belt loader which will be having swiveling and lifting lowering mechanism. The screw/belt loader will ensure optimum filling capacity. During loading, material will be fully de-aerated and not much of air displacement; hence it will be clean atmosphere and environment friendly. The necessary instruruments and sensors are provided to know the proper filling of the container.

The screw/belt loader is installed beneath the container loading silo so that truck movement should be possible close to the silo. The screw/ belt loader is connected to the silo with the help of a flexible joint having bellow which makes the screw possible lifting and lowering according to the different dimensions of the trucks. The weighing system during filling operation will be optional.

In pneumatic filling system, Material received from the silo will be pneumatically pumped in to the container directly. and vent air will be passed through a dust collector and clean air let out to atmosphere. A filling pipe which travels in to the container automatically will ensure proper filling of the container to its optimum capacity. Necessary sensors and instruments are provided.

The PLC based control system has been envisaged with SCADA facility.


  • MOC : MS construction / SS304 contact parts
  • Type : Mechanical / Pneumatic loading
  • Capacity: 5 to 30 tonnes/hour.
  • Controls : Automatic
  • Weighing: Optionally provided.
  • Paint: Synthetic enamel paint / Epoxy paint
  • Dust collector : Shall be considered for fine material