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Scorpio Fertiliser packing plant is designed to receive material in bulk and pack in 10, 25 and 50 kg. bags. Generally packing plants will be operating in a de-humidified atmosphere.

The packing may be in-plant or ex-plant (dockside packing for example) Scorpio offers service from conceptual stage till commissioning of the plant on turnkey basis for the packing of variety of fertilizers based on the customer choice.

Scorpio design ensures minimal damage of the products during the process. Packing machines are flexible to pack in different bag sizes and weights with high accuracy. Stitching machine is fully automatic or manual based on the requirement.

Scorpio automatic packing plants are controlled by modern technology with PLC and SCADA and various reports can be generated through the system.

Suitable safety and dust control are part of our system. Total structural supports, maintenance platforms are pre-engineered and are assembled quickly during installation due to modular design. High quality epoxy painting/stainless steel cladding will ensure protection from corrosion.