• storage silos manufacturers


Used for material storage purposes and are custom-built. Available in various sizes, the construction can be conical, rectangular, cylindrical etc. Designed for mass flow discharge to prevent any rat holing, arching, bridging of materials. The material is discharged out of the unit uniformly. These units can also be offered with suitable flow-aid devices depending on the application and manufactured in both steel and stainless steel constructions.

Air and water tight silos are designed for out-door applications for chemical, food and pharma.


  • Type: Circular / Rectangular
  • MOC: MS construction / SS304 construction / Linered silos
  • Size : Designed to customer requirement (Large silos upto 1000M3)
  • Paint: Synthetic enamel paint - 100 DFT. (Optional: Epoxy paint)
  • Supporting Structure : Will be provided as additional
  • Load cells and Weight indicators: Will be provided as additional