• Open Truck Unloaders


Scorpio’s Open Truck Unloader is a mobile bulk material unloading unit designed for unloading dry bulk materials from standard open trucks. Many materials which are low in cost cannot be transported in bags and are often transported loose in bulk in standard open trucks. The unloading of this loose material after the truck reaches the destination is now done manually creating major dust and health problems. The OTU is designed to eliminate such manual unloading The unit consists of a hydraulically articulated 3-arm boom with a suction nozzle and suction pipe attached to it. This boom will enter the truck from the rear and is operated by a radio remote controlled hand held pendant unit

The bulk material is sucked out through the suction nozzle / pipe into a filter receiver where the bulk material and conveying air get separated. The air exits through a built-in automatically cleaned reverse jet filter unit to the suction port of a special type Roots Blower. The collected bulk material in the filter receiver drops to a conveying pipe below through a Rotary Valve. This conveying pipe receives motive-conveying air from a different Roots blower meant only for the discharge operation. The bulk material which falls into the conveying piping from the 2 Nos. Rotary Valves of the primary cyclone and filter is conveyed to the customer silo pneumatically by this blower. The customer silo should have a suitable filter on top.

The unit is self-contained on a skid and can be mounted on heavy-duty trailer (optional). The unit has a Motor Control Centre (MCC) on a skid and a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based control panel for controlling various operations. The material of construction is suitably selected for abrasive duty.

Specifications of Unloaders:

  • Capacity: 20 TPH
  • Unit: Stationary / Mobile
  • Arms: Hydraulically articulated
  • Suction nozzle: Hydraulically / Electrically driven Stirrer assembly.
  • Application: Powdered material
  • Power: Self driven / External
  • MOC: MS construction / SS304 contact parts
  • Paint: Synthetic enamel paint - 100 DFT. (Optional: Epoxy paint)

Other Bulk material handling systems includes:

Pneumatic conveying system