• Bulk Tanker Unloading Systems


Scorpio’s Bulk Tanker unloading systems are tailor-made for handling dry bulk material about 200km distance from supplier to user for industries such as Food, Minerals, Cement, Chemicals, and Petrochemicals etc. Silos at user plant can be filled in a few hours (Bulk Truck capacities range from 4 to 30 tonnes per hour depending on material characteristics like bulk density, particle size distribution, air retention / permeability etc.)

The Bulk Tankers will be unloaded by different methods based on the type of tanker and the material properties.

Bulk Tankers and unloading systems are offered in various types namely, conical discharge, aerated bottom type, screw discharge etc. depending on the material being handled and its properties

Scorpio will also help customers in selecting a suitable tanker based on the customer application.

Generally, unloading blowers / compressors will be placed at the unloading area coupled through flexible pipes.