• Pneumatic conveying system

Pneumatic Conveying System

A pneumatic conveying system is a process which transfers powders, granules,and other dry bulk materials from a source to a destination.The system can successfully convey materials by controlling the pressure or vacuum and the airflow inside the conveying line.

Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System

Dense phase pneumatic conveying system is the part of Pneumatic Conveying System and are the heart of systems handling material .Dense phase pneumatic conveying system is suitable for transporting difficult, abrasive materials.They consist of a Coded Pressure Vessel with specially designed valves, instrumentation and controls. Manufactured in a range of volumes from 300 litres to 20000 litres for efficiently transporting a wide range of materials in various grades. Valves and instrumentation are fully automatic and controlled by PLC or PC. Vessels are available in both Mild Steel and Stainless Steel constructions.

The ideal conveying distance can be 300 to 500 mtrs. with addition of air booster line, material can be conveyed upto 1000 mtrs.

Specifications of Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System

  • Conveying material: Almost all powdered material
  • Conveying capacity : Upto 150 TPH
  • Conveying distance: Upto 1000m (Please check with SEBMH for particular application)
  • MOC: MS construction / SS304 contact parts
  • Paint: Synthetic Enamel paint - 100DFT. (Optional: Epoxy paint)
  • Offer : Complete package with PLC/ SCADA, installation and commissioning