• Linered Container Filling and Discharging Systems


Most dry bulk materials in common use are invariably bagged in 25 kg., 50 kg. or 1 tonne Jumbo Bags. The filling, transportation and handling of these bags poses major problems in logistics since repeated handling is involved from manufacturing stage to usage point. Further there is major of environmental pollution due to dust during handling. Many dust control systems are ineffective due to the variables involved.

The obvious remedy to such problems in bag handling will be to eliminate bags totally and handle all dry materials in bulk. The use of standard 20 feet containers for domestic and international logistics is very common. For the dry bulk industry, it is possible to use these containers for movement of bulk material between manufacturer and user with the use of special plastic liners.

Principle :

The method to use standard 20 feet containers for moving free flowing powders, pellets, flakes and granules in bulk is to have a fabricated plastic liner inserted into the container. The liner has a bulkhead at the rear of the container which has feed ports or holes for feeding material inside the liner in the container. The liner prevents the bulk material from contacting the inner sides of the container and also enables a fully sealed atmosphere for the bulk material during transport. Liners are filled both pneumatically and mechanically with the vent air during filling being filtered through a separate filter.