• Ship/Barge Unloader


The Scorpio ship unloader is a mobile trailer unit which can be towed by suitable vehicle. The equipment is placed in position after arrival of ship and is suitably locked in position through a hydraulic outboard jack arrangement which ensures stability of equipment during the unloading operation. Electrical connections are then made to the motors of the various sub-assemblies on the unit. Once the electrical connections are made, the equipment is ready for the unloading operation.

The mobile packing plant or suitable onward conveying equipment shall be placed in position below or by the side of the discharge outlet of the Scorpio unloader. The operator uses hand held wired or wireless control pendant for all controlling operations. The operator will position himself on the deck of the ship and operate the boom hydraulic system to insert the boom inside the selected hatch of the ship. Once the suction nozzle at the boom end is lowered in to the material, the operator switches on the suction circuit from the hand held pendant. The suction unit is then energized and the material is sucked into a receiving vessel and discharges to downstream equipment.

The automatic bag filters ensure clean emission during the operation.

The Scorpio Pneumatic ship unloader consists typically of the following units:

  • The pneumatic Suction with hydraulic boom assembly.
  • Discharge system – Screw discharge for mobile packing plants or downstream pneumatic / mechanical conveying system.
  • Hydraulic system for suction boom and jack operation
  • Control air system complete with a air compressor, receivers and filters
  • Control System fully automatic, PLC and SCADA operated

SCORPIO Ship unloaders are designed for continuous duty, saline or extreme atmosphere operation for great stability against wind and storm.

Scorpio assures seamless operation with its committed and experienced service team, who can reach within 24 hours to any of the customer locations.