• Mobile Hopper manufacturers

Mobile Hoppers:

(capacities range from 30m 3 to 120m 3 ) are suitable for receiving grab unloaded material from large dry bulk carriers carrying powdered materials like coal, iron ore, alumina, rock phosphate, grain, fertilizer etc. The hopper can discharge to a belt conveyor or to trucks parked below. Suitable discharge arrangement can be provided which can also be controlled electrically.


The unit generally consists of a hopper in Mild Steel construction which is supported on four (4) corners by running gear. Four bogies are independently driven and are synchronized. The hopper is of dimension 6m x 6m or 8m x 8m approx. (or to suit) at the top with an overall height of 14m to 20m approximately. The Hopper is supported by horizontal built-up steel sections which in turn are supported on vertical columns. The entire unit is built with low center of gravity so that the unit can be towed effortlessly by suitable prime movers. Suitable platforms, handrails and ladders are provided on the main structure and near the top of the Hopper. An electrical control panel enables direct operator control of the various functions.

With state of the art features:

  • Dust control pulse jet vent filters
  • With swing flaps for dust sealing
  • Rail or Tyre Mounted
  • Self-propelled or towed by crane or prime movers
  • Discharge to Jetty Conveyors or Trucks
  • Telescopic loading spouts
  • Slide Gate or Sector Gates
  • Hydraulic Jacking system
  • Wind Barriers